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About DNI

Who We Are

DNI’s founders watched in dismay as cases of COVID 19 continued to rise that could have been prevented if people had access to fairly priced and quality PPE. DNI knew the effects of COVID-19 would greatly impact the basic human rights of people and leave lasting impacts that would require long term solutions.

Having been on the front line in the SARS epidemic in Asia in 2002, assisting in relief efforts of Hurricane Katrina in Mississippi and Louisiana in 2004, and working to stem the Ebola outbreak while in Africa in 2014, in addition to many other international crisis DNI founder Mark Smith and his team of international business and development professionals have the relationships and experience to quickly respond to humanitarian crisis that affect basic human rights.

DNI Core Beliefs

  • DNI supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in every program we implement
  • Human rights are rights inherent to all human beings, regardless of race, sex, nationality, ethnicity, language, religion, or any other status.
  • DNI exists to help people help themselves by improving, insuring and advocating for Human rights on behalf of the less fortunate.

Our Vision

DNI forges long lasting public-private partnerships within the communities that we work. We offer complete services to help communities better themselves from high-level monitoring and evaluating expertise to identifying potential weaknesses in infrastructure to the implementation of actions that are more effective and sustainable. DNI seeks to provide the best possible solutions and opportunities to all persons worldwide in times of crisis and need to create, ensure, and maintain lives of dignity, equality, and sustainability towards a more just world, using the most effective and efficient approaches. We deliver sustainable solutions that promote and accelerate human development.

Our Goals

DNI will provide much needed basic supplies, services, administration and education to similar organizations, programs, communities and individuals in time of humanitarian crises.  In time, we will build on those services and pursue “Green” initiatives as part of our ongoing dedication to protect the environment.

Our current focus is the victims of the current COVID 19 and  The Afghanistan Humanitarian crises; however, we will be providing assistance globally when any humanitarian crises occur.

Our Values