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Join the Season of Giving by contributing to our Go Fund Me campaign.

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Your donation will provide families and communities the tools they desperately need in these times of crisis and for the future benefit of all.

Less than 5% of your donation is spent on administrative costs such as the cost associated with this webpage, and the logistical cost incurred in reaching beneficiaries. Due to both our global public and private sector experience we ensure that your donation effectively and efficiently reaches those in need of fulfilling and ensuring their Basic Human Rights.

Make it viral and donate; We have the responsibility to assist those in need.

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Now more than ever, your generous gift will be used to assist those in need that are deprived from basic human rights many of us take for granted.

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Where your donation goes

All of us deserve to enjoy the basic human rights and live safe and healthy lives. More so family and communities that are often vulnerable and forgotten. As every community has different needs. DNI is the conduit to serve those needs, be it a donating Personal Protective gear though our COVID 19 Initiative to those on the front lines or assisting those that fleeing from persecution and threats in search of a better life such as Syria and Afghanistan. 

DNI believes in addition to the basic human rights, that all persons have an equal right to fair and humane treatment during the time of humanitarian crises.  

Your $20 donation which is less than the average cost of a dinner for two in a restaurant, less than an average bottle of wine, less than the cost of a movie ticket, less than the average fare of one trip in a transportation provider you could provide:

  • Provide part of an educational program offering effective solutions to improve community awareness of preventive measures, effective response, and mitigation of community challenges during times of humanitarian crisis’s 
  • Provide a top-up card to a person that has fled a threatening situation to stay in contact with family members who were less fortunate.
  • Provide part of the cost of the plane ticket and interim housing for a family that is escaping a crisis.
  • Provide part of the legal and administrative fees for a person to immigrate to a safer country due to persecution.
  • Provide the funding needed to advocate and raise awareness of a medical condition affecting 15% of the world’s population
  • Provide the funding needed to create a podcast to educate, raise awareness and comfort a person suffering from a medical condition