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Fiscal Sponsorship

Let's work together

There are some great people in the world doing great things. Many times, people form “grassroots” organizations that achieve wonderful things improving the livelihoods of others.

Grassroots organizations often face challenges in terms of past performance, financial legitimacy, and the necessary tools to implement their dynamic programs. Resulting in great ideas and intentions that do not materialize.

Oftentimes potential donors do not recognize grassroots organizations as legitimate as they lack the resources to be officially registered and maintain the administration tools needed to be granted much needed funding for the work they are committed to.

Development Now Initiatives being a fully compliant and registered New York City based 501c3 Nonprofit charity works as a bridge between a potential donor that might be skeptical of funding such groups that implement programs and goodwill.

DNI does this by providing much needed assistance in terms of seeking donors, representation, marketing, advertising, crowd funding, receiving and dispersing funds per the donor’s instruction, reporting, monitoring and evaluation and end of program reports.

If you are a grassroots organization that is seeking a donor or financial sponsor to fund your program, please contact us at