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Our Programs

Our Programs

Basic Human Rights are infringed, suspended or threated due to natural and man made disasters and emergencies. Development Now Initiatives is working around the world to assist vulnerable and disenfranchised communities by providing immediate support and resources.  But we take emergency response to the next level. We provide the means for people to help themselves through empowerment, awareness, advocacy and education, and the distribution of much needed life supporting relief goods.   


Our programs are distinguished by our flexibility for immediate response, with an entrepreneurial zeal, tailored to addressing the problem at hand.  We are proud of our country staff, who are from the communities we serve, know the landscape and know how to build strong, local partnerships.  Our goal is help local communities build sustainable approaches that they run themselves. 

Sound Central: Save Afghan Musicians

Since the 15th of August we assisted more than 51+ Afghans musicians, festival staff and their families to get out of Afghanistan. But, we still have evacuees on our list in Afghanistan desperate to get out. While tolerance has so far been promised, musicians across Afghanistan desperately fear that their lives are at risk. Already, threat letters have been received, instruments destroyed, and music-related institutions forcibly closed down.

Sound Central, a grassroots organization founded in Afghanistan 2010, has today called on the governments around the world to grant visas for Afghan musicians in the wake of the increasingly dire situation in Afghanistan.

Providing Relief to the Parawan Province, Afghanistan

In late August, as the world focused on crises elsewhere, torrential rains created destructive landslides affecting several remote provinces of Afghanistan.  Parawan Province was the most heavily affected and was devastated by massive floods claiming lives, inflicting injury and destroying and harming homes. with over 122 casualties, 134 severe injuries, 1,943 homes completely destroyed over 3,000 families were displaced and robbed of their basic human needs and livelihoods. DNI and its partner, Bahar Harirod Organization, quickly reacted with a boots on the ground approach , bearing witness and providing much needed volunteer support, basic needs and rebuilding supplies.

Preventing the Spread of the Coronavirus in Kabul and Mazar-E-Sharif, Afghanistan

In July 2020, DNI conducted “COVID 19” training seminars on the importance of social distancing and self-protection from the virus for 150 individuals in Kabul, while distributing much-needed PPE, including masks and hand sanitizer, for participants and their families.  DNI conducted a training program in Mazar-E-Sharif , led by youth trainers to reach 500 people with prevention information and PPE/hygiene kits.   

Preventing the Spread of the Coronavirus in Kismayo, Juba Land, Somalia

In October, 2020 DNI launched its Pilot “COVID 19 Training program” in Kismayo, Jubaland being fully registered as an INGO with the Federal Republic of Somalia and in partnership with the Ministry of Health of both the Federal Republic of Somalia and Jubaland.  DNI provided much needed training and PPE supplies to disadvantaged persons focusing on Women and IDP’s as well as supporting the needs of disadvantaged Somalian rural hospitals with much needed medical supplies.