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Fraud Alert

Development Now Initiatives values the support of its donors, who give generously to help those in need. Unfortunately, criminals sometimes prey on that generosity. Recently, criminals overseas have registered local Non-Profit organizations and appointed Boards of Directors and Representatives using The DNI Name, Logo’s and programs we have conducted and created a website to look like the Development Now Initiatives site, in order to solicit funds and collect private information from those wanting to assist in the humanitarian efforts we are committed to. Other charities — as well as banks, corporations and even grandparents — have been targeted by similar schemes of these criminals.

We want to protect our donors from such scams. Before you provide any information online, be sure you know it’s Development Now Initiatives. Here are some tips you can use to protect yourself:

  • The website for Development Now Initiatives in the United States is We have taken every step to ensure the private information of our donors.
  • If you have any doubt, type directly into your browser.
  • If you have any questions, please call us at +1 929 392-3472 or email
  • There is no DNI Somalia. Any registration or use of that name is a violation of the intellectual and other property rights of DNI USA. 

Social Media

Development Now Initiatives only maintains pages or links on the following official Social Media platforms at the following addressed




As social media does not always maintain the same privacy settings as our website, and can be duplicated much easier, if in doubt to weather one of the pages is legitimate, refer to our website at

Crowd Funding

Development Now Initiatives occasionally utilizes the crowd funding platform GoFundMe to raise donations for our charitable causes. Our donation campaigns are always linked directly to our secure website at 

Development Initiatives does not utilize any other crowd funding platforms.  

Development Now Initiatives Security Policy

All response forms requesting confidential information (such as credit card numbers) on Development Now Initiatives’ website utilize the Internet security protocol known as “Secure Sockets Layer” or “SSL.” This is a certification and encryption technology designed to make using your credit card as safe as possible on the Internet.

Independent agencies report that, statistically speaking, using a credit card on the Internet through SSL is far safer than submitting your credit card to a clerk in the grocery store, or over an open telephone line. In fact, they report that there are no recorded instances of someone “breaking” SSL encryption and using credit card information stored therein for fraudulent purposes.

The SSL technology depends on secure Uniform Resource Locators (URLs) which are certified by a certifying authority such as Thawte. Secure URLs always begin with “https://” rather than “http://” and if you are using one from a browser that recognizes SSL, you will generally also receive a preceding message and/or see a symbol, such as a lock, that signifies that you are on a secure page. Any information you enter on such a page is encrypted at your browser, sent over the public Internet in encrypted form, then de-encrypted at our servers.

If your browser doesn’t support SSL technology, you will receive an error message when trying to access our SSL page.

Once we receive your credit card information, it is accessible only to a small number of trusted Development Now Initiatives staff who have been specially trained in processing this information.