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COVID-19 has changed our lives. Many of us find ourselves being forced into different circumstances: Unemployment, laid-off, self- or mandatory quarantine, freshly graduated and not able to secure employment, you might simply have some extra time on your hands.

Development Now Initiatives a Registered 501c3 Non-Profit offers an opportunity for you to positively contribute your skills and ideas to assist in helping others through a crisis by addressing some of the most critical challenges that we as global citizens face.  You will also be part of an excellent team of experts that work across different sectors and regions and will be exposed to a conducive and empowering working environment.

What better time to volunteer your expertise than now?

We are seeking volunteers to provide much needed administration support such as:

    • Administration
    • Research
    • Desk Top Publishing
    • Blogging
    • Proposal/Grant/Concept note generation
    • Process Engineering plans
    • And most of all – Ideas

    We are currently searching for candidates with backgrounds in the above-mentioned areas as well as recent graduates under the following disciplines:

    • International Relations
    • Political Science
    • International Development
    • Epidemiology
    • Economics
    • Business development

If you or anyone you know would be interested in volunteering your expertise for a good cause we offer an associate title as well as providing you quality references for your services and experience you might need to start or supplement your career when the pandemic is eases and you are ready to enter or re-inter the workforce.

If you are interested in being part of a global dynamic team and doing something great for the world, your country or community please email us your current CV, brief BIO and a short statement on how your experience and set of skills can assist to:



Andrea graduated from Baruch College with her bachelors and master’s degree as a marketing specialist. Her experiences include social media and digital marketing alongside her concentration, marketing analytics. Andrea takes pride in using her marketing skills to help people in any way she can. Having held a long term internship at UNICEF her skills for non-profit and cause marketing are developed and she is excited to continue that humanitarian aid at DNI. Coming from Yugoslavian refugee parents, Andrea has an appreciation for culture, travel and heritage. In addition, she has a passion for swimming. Since the age of 7, Andrea has competed for her community swim team, the Roosevelt Island Marlins where she also held a coaching position for several years. She continued her passion in college where she was a two time captain for the Baruch Bearcats. In college Andrea earned several awards such as the All Star and Student Athlete award. In addition to those, she held an academic scholarship during her time at Baruch.


Doris is a senior at Hunter College with a major in political science and a minor in philosophy. Throughout her college years, Doris volunteered for the Red Cross Foundation, attended Relay for Life, and raised money for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. In her leisure time, Doris is keen on engaging in political discussions and further educating herself on how to become a better ally. She is committed to doing the work to fight racism, climate change, and gender disparities. In addition, Doris is from Croatian descent and is thus fluent in Serbo-Croatian. On the side, she works as a Swim Coach and Lifeguard for the Roosevelt Island Marlins Swim Team. She has always had a passion for swimming, teaching, and children. With her enthusiasm, Doris is thrilled to intern for DNI and hopefully cultivate a positive change within society.